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Urbanism is key to making sustainable buildings profitable.

urbanismo sostenible

Sustainability has a high social acceptance.

It is synonymous with high quality, an added value by which investors are willing to pay more.

The lower maintenance costs and their greater value in the market justify this investment in a reasonable time.

However, the price increase is the biggest obstacle when deciding on a sustainable property.

Urban sustainability means, ultimately, creating places with a positive impact on the physical and mental health of its inhabitants and their environment. 

urbanismo sostenible

Sustainable urbanism minimizes the increase in the cost of energy efficient buildings.

Establishing green urban strategies allows the use of passive measures in buildings and a design of facilities with a lower impact of the cost to each inhabitant.

In addition, sustainable cities allow their inhabitants to live and work in a place with better access to services on foot or by bicycle and where carbon emissions and waste are minimized.

I collaborate with other professionals and companies to make more sustainable urban developments and buildings.

My name is Laura de la Plaza, I am an architect and urban planner for nearly 20 years.

During this time, I have received postgraduate training in urban planning and sustainability I have applied later in the projects I have participated. You can read more details in my cv.

The conclusion I have drawn is that sustainability is not always a problem of spending more money but of taking it into account from the beginning and applying common sense.

Nor is it something that has just been invented…. Greeks already used many strategies that now seem innovative.


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